Funky Pudding

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Project Description

Luigi Ciotta and Rossella Charms

Directed by Philip Radice

Over 100 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU (2014 estimate). If nothing is done, food waste is expected to rise to about 126 million tonnes by 2020.

Funky Pudding is a show of buffoonesque clownery, but it’s certainly not your usual clown show. This is a comedy that has the tendency to tear down the thin veil that separates the spectator from his waste, man from his society.

Big Mac and Marylin are a heavily overweight couple that live “just like everyone else” … except they live in a trash can; yes the very the same bin that we all know and love. As they live in and play with the waste around them, our protagonists create a caricature which describes the processes of consumerism and sheds light on its very worst traits. They paint a slightly less than pretty picture of an excessive, selfish and superficial society where all that is short-lived is indispensable and all that is truly essential, boring.

Attention: Anything you throw away can and will be used against you!!!

“This cruel, well-polished satire is guaranteed to get a laugh and shamelessly presents us with a society where everything can be bought and thrown away … except the quality of the show’s writing, performances and directing.” Midi-Libre (France)

The show won the Premio Cantieri di Strada (best street performance), FNAS in the “One Man Show” category and the Mercurdo Prize at the International theatre Festival of the Absurd, both in 2009. Moreover, it has also been performed in a number of international festivals over the years, including the Festival D’Avignone, Il Festival di Chalon sur Saone (supported by the region of Piedmont) and the Festival D’Aurillac.

The show is currently available in English, Italian and French


Length 50 min\1h

A show for all the family, children are to be accompanied by adults.
Shows specifically for schools can be arranged for secondary school age children.

Performance space

On stage, in a courtyard , or any such “protected” space.
6x6m minimum (not including audience space)
Public in front or in a semi-circle arrangement, preferably seated


220V power source
If necessary amplification can be provided by the actors.
Lights are to be provided by event organisers.
A light plan will be forwarded to the organisers in ample time for the show.

Set up time 1h, at least one hour before the show. Take down time 1h

The main scene element has wheels and so can be quickly moved before or after the show. If successive shows are to be run one after the other, then 15 minute set up and 30 minute pack up times will suffice.

Personnel 2 actors (plus technician if needed).

It will be necessary for the Funky Pudding team to load and un-load their equipment as close to the performance space as possible.

A changing room with a mirror is required