Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams 2020-01-08T15:42:31+00:00

Project Description


Visual Comedy

with and by Luigi Ciotta

Set design and construction Bruno Geda

Costumes by Roberta Vacchetta

Winner of the One Man Show Prize 2014 “Cantieri di Strada” FNAS

Federazione Nazionale Artisti di Strada – Italy

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Sweet dreams is a visual comedy show that takes you beyond Sugarland into a realm of absurd hilarity. A comic, grotesque show that uses sugar as a metaphor as it tackles themes of pleasure and addiction.

Luigi Ciotta takes the role of a candyfloss street vendor who engages with the public just as a street performer would, with the only exception that his is an invite to hedonistic and sugary pleasure! A candyfloss seller is an innocent character who merrily invites you to leave your worries behind and forget about the consequences; it’s only a little sugar, after all! His candyfloss cart looks like it comes right out of a fairy-tale with sweet music pouring out of it as it passes by. The candyfloss seller’s words slowly but surely become ever more forced and sickly-sweet. … From this point on, our dear friend gradually loses his mask and the reassuring, fairly-tale image of the candyfloss seller slowly makes way for a Tim Burtonesque character, Beetlejuice in a tutu, which we will call the “Sugar Fairy”.

The audience will find themselves face to face with what we can only describe as a hairy, overweight Lolita type character who will perform a striptease. Our anti-hero will then launch into a highly comic, acrobatic and daring pole dance act (on a 3m pole disguised as a huge lollipop).

The show is a tragic-comic journey which uses clown comedy, the lunacy of a buffoon and the seductive irony of burlesque and pole dancing as a means to reveal the bitter side of addiction, in an enjoyable and irreverent fashion.

Whoever meets the sugar fairy will think twice before carelessly abandoning themselves to gluttony!



Street performance

AUDIENCE: suitable for all ages

LENGTH: 35 minutes

TECHNIQUES: Clown, Buffoon, Pole Dance Improvisation, creative use of objects including juggling.

STAGE: 5 x 5 metres






The ability to load and unload show materials close to the performance space is preferable.

Lights will be provided by and the responsibility of event organisers.

Hospitality for two people, actor and technician/ manager is kindly requested.