Tutti in Valigia (Everything in a suitcase)

Tutti in Valigia (Everything in a suitcase) 2020-01-08T15:23:36+00:00

Project Description

written and performed by Luigi Ciotta

Visual Comedy

Suitcases inside suitcases inside suitcases … objects that continuously mutate and in doing so bring new scenes to life. The show combines physical theatre, clown and circus trickery, while the simplicity of Luigi Ciotta engages the audience who play with this charming character in this fast paced, and often, poetic piece.

The show Tutti in Valigia mirrors the research into non-verbal comedy that I have carried out during my involvement in physical theatre and that has gone hand-in-hand with my research into the comic use of objects which, in typical clown fashion, are dragged out of their original context to become something … comical and fantastical.


The audience’s imagination is aroused by a world of magic, games and fantasy where a retro feel.

Any job, done over a long period of time, becomes boring and repetitive and so, after many years spent carrying people’s luggage, Luigi Ciotta’s character, an eccentric hotel porter has learnt to look at things from a wholly different point of view and break the monotony of his alienating daily routine. This change in perspective is a constant theme in the show; looking beyond, or perhaps better inside, the mind and inside ourselves in order to rediscover the ability to play with, well, nothing … and with that nothing distance ourselves from the daily grind and grasp the truly extraordinary nature of ordinary things.


Genre: Clown- Cabaret

Length: 35 min. in a square or on the street

Stage: stage dimensions 5 x 5m minimum. The stage must be flat.

230 W power required

If necessary amplification can be provided by the actor

Lights are to be provided by the event organiseran

Set up and take down times: 30 min

Number of actors: 1

The actor will need to unload his vehicle close to the show space

Changing room needed